2-year-old Aybüke lost her struggle for 12 days


The incident took place in the morning hours of September 4 in front of the Zafer Industrial Site in Konya’s central Selçuklu district.

According to the news of Zafer Samancı from Habertük, the car used by Samet Kurt and containing his wife Teslime Kurt and their 2-year-old daughter Aybüke, while waiting at the red light, was hit by the car under the direction of Emel Gümüş.

Seriously injured in the accident, Aybüke Kurt was taken to Konya Selçuk University Faculty of Medicine by ambulance. Little Aybüke, who had a fracture in her skull, fractures in her body and a cerebral hemorrhage, was treated in intensive care.

Emel Gümüş, who was detained after the accident and was found to be 120 promil of alcohol, and whose license was confiscated as a result of an accident while driving with alcohol 1 week ago, was released by the court on duty where she was referred with the request for arrest. He objected to the decision through his family lawyers, Emel Gümüş was caught 11 days after the incident and was arrested by the court on duty and sent to prison. Minik Aybüke lost her 12-day struggle to survive.

Aybüke’s body was taken to Konya Numune hospital for an autopsy.

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