15 recipes to prepare a spectacular homemade apple pie

Preparing a homemade apple pie is one of the best options to include fruit in a dessert, breakfast or snack.

Prepare a homemade apple pie It is one of the best options to include fruit in a dessert, breakfast or snack. This cake has one and a thousand different versions, each house prepares its own, adapts it to their tastes. There are almost as many apple pies as there are countries in the world. Within our own country we already prepare it differently depending on the type of apple or tradition. With a puff pastry base, aniseed sponge cake or with a crunchy exterior, choose your favorite homemade apple pie from these recipes.

The best recipes to prepare a homemade apple pie

The peasant apple pie is one of the most cooked. When it comes to cooking an apple pie we look for the most traditional and authentic part of this sweet. That simplicity, aroma and texture that make it an indelible memory in our mind. Thanks to a good peasant apple pie we will remember the flavors of a lifetime.

A microwave apple pie will teach us that anything is possible. The excuse of not having time will be knocked out with this recipe. While we enjoy the family or we have just savored a special meal we can be cooking dessert. Fresh out of the microwave with a little vanilla ice cream, this sweet will be incredible.

Peasant apple pie recipe

This apple pie without an oven is one of the most traditional. If we go back in time, we will realize that most of our grandmothers did not have an oven. They cooked incredible desserts in a pan, this cake is a memory of all of them. We will once again feel that magic that was created in the kitchen with a frying pan and a good raw material.

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Apple pie with custard is an easy little treat to make. The pastry cream will give our desserts a professional finish. It is essential to know how to cook it well, in essence it is so simple that when you start preparing it you will want to prepare it to eat it as dessert. He is in vice.

This apple and cinnamon filled sponge cake is one of those apple tarts that impresses. A different way to cook this wonder in the blink of an eye. A traditional flavor and a surprising texture is what will be hidden behind this cake loaded with good sensations. Dare to try it, it is worth it.

Apple pie recipe with meringue

If you have been wanting more, take note of these apple cakes with authentic masterpieces of home baking:

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