14 students entered medical universities in targeted areas of the Stupino Regional Clinical Hospital

22 Sept. 2022, 17:10

Fourteen students entered medical universities in the target areas of the Stupinskaya OKB in the new academic year.

According to Svetlana Chudakova, chief physician of the Stupinskaya Regional Clinical Hospital, five Stupino residents became students of the First Moscow State Medical University. Sechenov, seven people entered the Russian National Research Medical University named after N.I. Pirogov, two – to the Ryazan State Medical University.

– I want to note that three people chose the specialty – pediatrics, – says Svetlana Yurievna. – Also in 2022, ten people entered the clinical residency: two doctors each in the specialties of obstetrics and gynecology, anesthesiology and resuscitation, cardiology, internal medicine, and one doctor each in the specialties of otorhinolaryngology and general medical practice.

Thus, ten specialists will come to work in the Stupino hospital in two years. They are trained in those relevant professions that are especially needed by the institution. It is worth noting that all target recipients are awarded a scholarship from the funds of the Stupino Design Bureau.

– On my own behalf, I want to congratulate all those who entered and wish productive studies, valuable knowledge and confidence in the chosen profession. We will be glad to see you within the walls of our institution after graduation and look forward to seeing you! Chudakova concluded.

Ekaterina Kardash

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