11 reasons to pick up your dog’s droppings, including in nature

After a good bowl and more or less long digestion, it’s time for your pooch to go for a little walk to stretch his paws and… do his business. If many uncivil owners let their dog do it anywhere and never pick it up, it’s probably because they don’t know the x good reasons for picking up their dog’s droppings, even in the middle of nature.

A matter of civility

Whether you own a cute pooch or not, it’s always unpleasant to set foot in it. Even though poop helps to ensure, in part, the good health of your dog, the droppings that decorate the sidewalks of our cities must be picked up.

1 – Make a civic gesture

A clean city is good for all of us, whether you own a four-legged friend or not. By performing this simple gesture, you keep your city clean and welcoming.

2 – Conjure the curse of “I walked in a poop”

The owner of the dog or any other walker can during his peregrination walk in this magnificent treasure with such a particular smell. And what could be more unpleasant, on the way to work than to set foot in dog poop. There are better things to share with our colleagues than the aroma of fresh poop.

3 – Prepare for accidents

Far more dangerous than a banana peel, the turd your foot lands in can be rough. In rainy weather, the excrement becomes less dense, liquefies, it is slippery and can cause the fall of an elderly person, a child or ourselves.

4 – Avoid the fine

Faced with the number of owners who never find poop bags and our immoderate love of canine people – no less than 87 million doggies in Europe – the law requires us to pick up the droppings of our pets on the sidewalks and in public spaces. Yes, caught in the act, the unscrupulous owner will be punished with a fixed fine of at least €35.

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5 – There are not 36 places where doggie poop is allowed

In France, the excrement of your doggie is tolerated, it is the gutter. In parks, playgrounds, sidewalks, it is an obligation to pick up poop, whether small or large.

Dog droppings, a hitherto “invisible” pollution

Yet 100% biodegradable, the excrement of our pets is not green, far from it. A study carried out by Belgian scientists, in 4 natural areas in the Ghent region and published in the journal Ecological Solutions and Evidence, shows that dog droppings harm natural ecosystems.

6 – A nitrogen supply as important as agricultural pollution

Nitrogen is an important component of soil fertilization. Farmers have used it for decades as a soil amendment. This contribution makes it possible to increase the yield of a plot and contributes to the phenomenon of eutrophication of ponds, rivers, and even coastlines, and to air pollution while producing a greenhouse gas. At the end of the scientific analysis of the peri-urban ecosystems of Ghent, it appears that dog excrement released 11 kg of nitrogen per year when agriculture and industry produce 5 to 25 kg annually.

7 – Protect biodiversity from the phosphorus left by our doggies

The phosphorus present in the excrement of our dogs would be 5 kg per year, which is much more than necessary to develop the root system, the flowers and the seeds of the plants. Above all, certain plants such as nettles are more likely to benefit from and use this phosphorus intake. Their vigor then harms other species such as lichens, fungi, and an entire ecosystem of wild plants.

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8 – An eco-citizen gesture

In conclusion of their study, the scientists estimate that the nitrogen pollution due to the droppings of our doggies would be reduced by 56%. As for phosphorus, we would achieve a reduction of 97%. A very effective small gesture to protect biodiversity and life in all its forms.

Dog waste and hygiene

Loulou’s well-molded poop could of course be used as fertilizer, but in the meantime, when she is left alone on the sidewalk waiting for the hand that will pick her up, she is not very hygienic. It can even be dangerous for the health of children, immunocompromised people and for the owner as well. When turd is not composted, it can sit in the wild, or on the sidewalk, for weeks before decomposing. By not picking up your canine companion’s poop, you are opening the door to both bacteria and gastrointestinal parasites.

9 – Bacteria present in the droppings of our dogs

When we don’t pick up the droppings of our four-legged friend, the bacteria sink into the ground where they can remain dormant for several years, until they find a new host: another dog, a child who plays there while the turd has been decomposing for several months. Campylobacter, Salmonella, Yersinia and Escherichia coli will then infect the animal or person, causing intestinal symptoms.

10 – Pick up your dog’s droppings to avoid parasitosis

While many of us deworm our pets, it can happen that an oversight can ruin this good habit. Your dog walks behind a fellow dog, sniffs its poop – and for some ingests it – and there it is harboring the intruder. When you caress him or if he licks you, your love doggie can then transmit to you worms or protozoa: roundworms, hookworms, whipworms, giardia or cryptosporidium. By picking up dog poop protected by a poop collector or a poop bag, you break contamination by small animals.

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11 – Have fun and biodegradable bags to hand

If it is obligatory and important to pick up the droppings of our doggies, it sometimes happens that the distributors in our cities are empty. To make sure you don’t miss out, you can invest in poop bags and a bag holder that hangs on Loulou’s leash. No more risk of forgetting the bags and doing good for nature and our sidewalks and public places.

Living together, doing good for the planet, protecting ourselves and those we love, there are, as you have just read, many reasons for picking up dog poop.

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