Continuation from the last time. Saki, the name of her daughter, was given to her by her husband and wife. When she heard that, her mother-in-law quietly told her husband (Yuma) that it was “the name, the same name as her sister’s dog (of her husband).” Sarah, who knew it, got angry with her mother-in-law.

Sarah’s sister and her husband, who had promised to come to see the baby, visited the hospital room in a terrible atmosphere. Still, Sarah’s anger does not subside …

My beloved daughter's name is my sister-in-law's pet dog[Part 2]_2

My beloved daughter's name is my sister-in-law's pet dog[Part 2]_3
My sister told me, “Maybe it’s the Gargal period?” Will Sara’s anger subside?

Continue to the second part. (Scheduled to be delivered tomorrow)

Reference: Mama Master Select “A period of malaise after childbirth? How to overcome the” postnatal Gargal period “of moms”

Draft / Mama Master Community Screenplay / Monoe Madoka Drawing / Mito Sayuko Editing / Kimura Aki

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* This manga is created based on the experiences and opinions sent to the Mama Master community.

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My son’s wife, who lives in a short distance, gave birth to a baby the other day. The baby is so cute and cute that it doesn’t hurt to see it. But now … “I don’t want you to come see my child for a while.”

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