10 young IT and media specialists became scholarship holders of the Head of Chuvashia


A record number of applications for a special scholarship for representatives of youth and students for a special creative aspiration in the category of “working youth” was received by the Ministry of Digital Development of Chuvashia in 2022.

22 employees of 11 organizations expressed their desire to be among the scholarship holders: NTRC of Chuvashia, Publishing House “Khypar”, LLC “EKRA IT”, the editorial office of the Shumerlinskaya newspaper “Forward”, the newspaper “Tăvan Yen”, the Kozlovskaya district newspaper “Yalav”, the administration of the Yantikovsky municipal district , UFPS ChR JSC Russian Post, ANO Dialog Regions, LLC KSB-SOFT.

During the consideration of the submitted materials at the meeting of the commission and the assessment of the contribution of applicants to the development of the industry, 19 applicants for special scholarships for representatives of youth and students for special creative aspirations reached a passing score, while 11 of them scored over 100 points.

10 people were recommended for special scholarships for representatives of youth and students for their special creative aspiration, all of them were among the scholarship holders. These are Yuliya Adyukova, senior editor of television NTRK Chuvashia, Alekseeva Irina, editor of the newspaper “Ҫamrӑksen haҫachӗ”, Andreev Anton, engineer-programmer of the 3rd category of EKRA IT LLC, Artemyeva Olga, senior editor of radio broadcasting NTRK Chuvashia, Lampasova Irina, editor of music radio broadcasting NTRK Chuvash Republic, Alexandra Makarova, Senior Analyst of the Department for Work with the Chuvash Republic, ANO “Dialogue Regions”, Mikhailova Olesya, Editor of the Kozlovskaya District Newspaper “Yalav”, Nikolaev Alexei, Senior Information Security Engineer of the 1st Category of the Implementation Department of KSB-SOFT LLC, Sergeev Kirill, security monitoring and analysis specialist of the 3rd category of the security monitoring and analysis department of KSB-SOFT LLC.

Anastasia Shokleva became a scholarship holder and consultant of the Information Technology Implementation Department of the Ministry of Digital Development, Information Policy and Mass Communications of the Chuvash Republic. “I am very pleased that the republic pays attention and provides support to the younger generation. For me, a scholarship for a special creative aspiration is an incredible incentive for further development. Congratulations to each scholarship holder, I wish you new heights and further victories!” she noted.

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In accordance with the order of the Head of the Chuvash Republic, 1,000 representatives of youth and students will receive a monthly payment of 2,500 rubles throughout 2023. This scholarship is traditionally awarded to young people who have achieved significant results in educational research, scientific, creative, industrial, managerial, sports, social activities and business design, reports the Ministry of Digital Development of Chuvashia.

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