10 trends in content marketing

How to add value to your content in order to influence the behavior of your audiences? Discover the 10 content marketing trends for 2021 presented by Alexandre Gravel, co-president, Toast Studio, and Infopresse trainer.

Discover, or rediscover, the conference given by Alexandre Gravel on March 9, as part of the launch of the new certification program in content marketing.

* Go straight to the 6:00 minute for the start of the conference!

To learn more about this new content marketing certification program or to register, click here.

The first cohort of the program will be given on May 5, 2021 and will be done entirely in a virtual classroom.

To obtain certification, participants must have completed all training modules and passed the exam. This exam must be completed online.

All of our certifications are accredited by Emploi-Qu├ębec and are eligible for subsidies.


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