1 symptomatic person helps prepare for celebration, 70 residents in Bantul are positive for Covid-19

Merdeka.com – 70 residents of the Srigading Village, Sanden District, Bantul Regency have tested positive for Covid-19. These 70 people underwent mass swab after it was discovered that one of the residents had symptoms of Covid-19.

Srigading Village Head, Prabawa Suganda, said that one of the residents with symptoms was known to have come and helped prepare for the celebration. Then a mass PCR swab was carried out to 95 people with the result that 70 people tested positive.

“One of the residents has symptoms of Covid-19 such as flu symptoms, fever and loss of sense of smell. For yesterday’s mass swab, 70 of 95 people tested positive,” said Prabawa when contacted, Monday (28/6).

Prabawa explained that after 95 people underwent mass PCR swab tests, on Monday (28/6) there were an additional 20 residents who underwent PCR swabs. These 20 residents are known to be close contacts of other residents.

Prabawa revealed that these 70 residents are self-isolating in their respective homes. Prabawa explained that his party carried out strict supervision during this self-isolation.

Prabawa added that the residents are undergoing self-isolation due to the limited capacity of the shelter. Currently, said Prabawa, his party is preparing additional shelters for residents’ self-isolation. [gil]


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