🧙‍♀ Horoscope for August 3 for all zodiac signs


Daily horoscope on 5-tv.ru: today, August 3, the growing Moon in Aquarius is not the best time for new beginnings. The business that you launch today can turn out to be both success and failure. On this day, you should not bother your superiors once again. The time is ideal for mental, creative and self-development. The day is also good for dealing with real estate, solving political issues and strengthening family relationships.

♈ Aries

You yourself are an actor, a director, and the audience of this film called “My Life”. Let go of the thought that you have to stick to certain rules and the desire to please everyone. Authenticity is what should be achieved during this period. Do not underestimate your importance, step out of the shadows and illuminate the world with your light.

Cosmic tip: live now and seize the moment.

♉ Taurus

Not all of our beliefs are genuine. Many of the rules by which people live are inherited from their ancestors and do not correlate well with today. Remember, you came to this world to rejoice and enjoy life. Explore your relationship to your surroundings without guilt or shame.

Cosmic tip: the pleasure portal is open.

♊ Gemini

Events occurring in life are not accidental. You attract everything that happens, which for some reason you need. The question is what lessons you have to learn from this. Perhaps the current problem will come your way more than once. But in the future, it will cease to worry you if you realize its essence. You have the wisdom and power to break this cycle.

Cosmic tip: decipher the repeating message from the universe.

♋ Cancer

Lovers are not alone in giving happiness. Your life is filled with different people – friends, family, colleagues or teachers. Today, higher powers ask you to pay attention to all these connections and give them gratitude. Some of your loved ones should be addressed in person, by calling or writing a letter.

Cosmic tip: acknowledge the connections that fill your life with light.

♌ Lev

Step over the pain you are experiencing and connect with your higher self. Understand the meaning of the hidden message that is being given to you. The universe has not forgotten about you. Lately, you are afraid to break the connection and make the other person unhappy. Think: Isn’t this fear growing out of childhood?

Cosmic tip: put your true desire first.

♍ Virgo

Sometimes you plant the seed and sometimes you reap the benefits. Both things cannot happen on the same day. You have worked well in your dream garden and now look forward to a rich harvest. At this stage in your life, you need to be patient. The results will pleasantly surprise you. Stay true to your path.

Cosmic tip: please be patient and wait for the magic.

♎ Libra

The power of creation is not limited to the picture you write or the melody born in your head. Your whole life is a living, breathing canvas that awaits your vivid imagination. Remember that only those limitations that you yourself invent and create stand in your way.

Cosmic tip: become the creator of your life.

♏ Scorpio

If at the beginning and at the end of the relationship you experienced the same thing, then you did not love enough. The alchemy of love is such that the feelings that overwhelm you, like a river, are in constant motion. If there is someone near you who expects reciprocity from you, do not be afraid to open up. You have already checked this person. Now let him see you.

Cosmic tip: cherish relationships that give meaning to your life.

♐ Sagittarius

It’s time to test yourself. Think about how you feel around this person. Is it comfortable for you to take off your familiar masks in front of him and remain authentic? Do you understand each other. Pay attention to what signs are given to you by higher powers. Perhaps you have found your soul mate.

Cosmic tip: how you feel around this person determines everything.

♑ Capricorn

Every great artist knows that inspiration comes unexpectedly. Don’t chase the mythical muse. She will visit you herself when the time is right. Better devote yourself to work. Surely in the ordinary process you will come up with something that will capture you entirely. Then go to your sacred place and create.

Cosmic tip: let the muse find you.

♒ Aquarius

A part of you is stuck in the past and continues to influence your present from there. This vicious circle needs to be broken, otherwise it will turn into a wheel, and you will become a squirrel in the center of it. What weighed down is left behind. Throw off that ballast. It distracts you from the main thing. You have enough experience to face your fears.

Cosmic tip: remember your mission.

♊ Pisces

Your heart was broken in the past. Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in the name of love. Don’t let an old story be a reason you don’t want to write a new one. Forgive yourself and accept the situation. Otherwise, you will not take a step forward. But what awaits you can bring happiness.

Cosmic tip: a new relationship can be a second chance.

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