🛑 The irresistible desire for music in Milan: CONCERTS on LANDINGS

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One of the sectors most affected by the pandemic is that of artists. Sometimes to be able to move forward you have to make do and there is an idea found by Milan that has also struck the Swiss (www.tvsvizzera.it) which, unlike us, have managed to keep museums and theaters more open.

Croissants, clothes and even books aren’t the only things you can get right at home; in Milan the delivery also extends to music and this is how the new fashion of concerts on the landings is launched.

The irresistible desire for music in Milan: CONCERTS on LANDINGS

# How the project was born

Credit: @musicanellaria2020

L’idea was born from Lucia Martinelli, pianist graduated from the Conservatory and founder of theassociation “Music in the air”, which for 5 years has been trying to bring music out of concert halls, such as in parks and cultural centers.

When the project was born, no one would have expected a pandemic and yet even this did not stop the association, which was able to adapt its mission to fit covid.

Thus was born the idea of ​​organizing concerts, created and customized for each person who requests them, directly in front of the front door.

# How does it work

Credit: tvsvizzera.it

After an inspection of the landing and the approval of the neighbors, preparations begin.

The organizer personally sets up the space complete with red carpet, a brass lectern, candles and flowers: everything you need to create the perfect atmosphere.

When everything is ready comes the turn of the music: more or less small groups of performers or even single performers, ring the bell, the tenants open and the mini concert begins on the landing.

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All this takes about twenty minutes for a price that varies from 120 to 150 euros. This price may seem high at first but you have to think about the movements of the instruments and the quality and experience of the musicians who will come out of your home.

After all, having a private concert directly on the doorstep of your home is priceless.

# A big success

Credit: agi.it

The project is having great success, the demands are always high and they have seen a little for the most romantic day of the year: Valentine’s Day.

Whether it’s a birthday present or a magical moment to enjoy alone, Music in the air concerts have now reached all of Milan and also a part of the hinterland.

There are those who ask for jazz pieces or those who prefer a Bach performance, everyone can express their wishes and enjoy this special moment with their favorite melody in the background.

# Want to go back to normal

The great success of this project demonstrates the desire that people have to return to normal.

Even for non-music lovers this is an idea that can allow everyone to have a moment like they used to, when you could go out and enjoy every special moment in company.

This project is an example of how culture in Milan is fluid and ready to take on new forms in order to survive the pandemic.

The Swiss have already talked about it on TV, could this be an example for the rest of the world?

Sources: www.tvsvizzera.it, www.agi.it

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