???? POP UP – Eddy de Pretto live for France Inter: “Bateaux-mouches” & “Fête de trop”

To celebrate the return of Eddy de Pretto, the swallows of spring arrive with his new album “To all the bastards” on March 26th. “Bateaux-mouches” and “Sorry Caroline” were just the beginning. While waiting impatiently for the continuation and his concerts, here is the first news and two titles live on France Inter …

Eddy de Pretto: “Bateaux-mouches” live for France Inter – POP UP © Radio France / screenshot of the video

Pop Up, the unique live event created by France Inter

Radio France goes live on the 22nd floor! On his terrace with an exceptional 360 ° view of all of Paris and the Eiffel Tower, an artist comes to record a few video titles which will be broadcast on the France Inter website, Youtube, Dailymotion and the social networks Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

After Julien Doré, Woodkid for the release of S16, Alain Souchon for Âme Fifty-Fifties and Aya Nakamura, it’s Eddy from Pretto which created the event with two live titles:

Bateaux Mouches

Three years later … It is the first single from this future opus, an autobiographical song which tells of his very first beginnings: singer on the Bateau-Mouches in Paris, his first job. He embarked on the Seine to sell dreams to tourists and sang Piaf, Nougaro, Rihanna or Nina Simone … He was nobody but finally he sang, which allowed him to think that he would not stop there , a little sound “I already saw myself “… to him.

The new album “To all the bastards” … eagerly awaited

It’s an ode to the people next door, to the bizarre, to the freaks, to the strange ones. A rallying cry, a reappropriation of a term deemed negative, to challenge and make it a force. A lot of times, I was made to feel different from the norm I was in, and I carried that like a real burden. Today this album title is a way for me to reverse the trend and be proud of it. But also to call to bring together those who heard me on my 1st album and (I hope) to welcome new and new bastards who will meet in this 2nd …“(Eddy de Pretto on social networks)

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A second extract has just been published: Sorry Caroline, new track in live session and Eddy de Pretto also unveiled the tracklist of his album, 15 songs, and the history of the yellow cover …

“Party too many” – Live

The Kid Poet of the Song

Eddy from Pretto arrived cash one day in October 2017 with a 4 tracks EP: Party too many, Mug Jungle, Beaulieue and also Kid, which reveals the child of Créteil to the public. Already ambitious, we discover an artist who takes an unprecedented path to land in the musical world: song, slam, rap, electro … and poetry.

2018 (his year) marks the arrival in March of his first album _Cure_, after some 50 concerts and his nomination to the Victoires de la Musique where he performed a Party too many. Immediate success: N ° 1 of the best sales of albums in less than a week, several millions of listenings on the internet and sold out concerts. Certified triple platinum, the album is reissued in a Worship (for the occasion) from November, with 4 unreleased tracks.

It’s as if we had been waiting for him for a long time, the artist with a beautiful pen, colorful and shameless texts in a singular and personal universe, a unique voice on a very heterogeneous music of fine compositions oscillating between rap and variety. He loves the French songs his mother listened to and the rap he listened to with his friends, he says he is influenced as well by Franck Ocean, Kanye West as Claude Nougaro, Charles Aznavour and Sela Sue, it is this mix that tells album Cure, uncompromising. A modest young man and not like the others …

  • To all the bastards, Eddy De Pretto’s second album, coming March 26, 2021 (Initial)
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