???? STU48 Fu Yabushita holds the final autograph session before graduation “I will finish the race with a smile until the end!” –Pop’n’Roll

Kaede Yabushita of STU48 held an autograph session to commemorate the release of “STU48 Kaede Yabushita Photobook Goodbye Afterglow” at SHIBUYA TSUTAYA in Tokyo on Saturday, July 24th.

Yabushita who appeared at the event with an orange dress on that day. When asked about the costume, he smiled brightly, saying, “Speaking of Setouchi, fruits are delicious, so I was conscious of Satsuma mandarin.”

The autograph session started after taking measures to prevent infection, such as wearing a mask and installing an acrylic board. Since this day was the last autograph session, he expressed a little emotional expression, saying, “I’m doing it with the feeling that this is the last time …”.

In a conversation with the fans, the topic of the Olympics popped up, saying, “There is an opening ceremony in the week related to the event of the photobook, and the day of the graduation concert is the closing ceremony. I will finish the race with a smile until the end! “, Said his enthusiasm for Last Run as an idol.

As for what he left behind as an idol, he immediately answered “Bungee jumping!”. “Did you say you wanted to do it too much … I didn’t get the chance, so that’s a little regrettable,” he commented.

Along with the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, Yabushita’s idol activities will end.

SHIBUYA TSUTAYA (July 24, 2021)


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