[월드리포트] From ghost blogs to devil edits… Is this really a Harvard thesis

●’Ramzier Pact Check’ of the global allied forces made two weeks day and night

As Professor Harvard Ramsay provokes the history distortion of the victims of comfort women, the battle for truth in the American academic world is very unique and meaningful. Academia related to history, law, and economics in the United States is infested, and more and more statements and verification reports from scholars are coming out on this matter. Since the related issue is about the victims of comfort women who are directly related to us, I feel that following the scholars’ debate is of great significance and should somehow be recorded.

The rebuttals of Professors Andrew Gordon and Carter Ackert, who teach history at Harvard University, reported just a few days ago, were destructive enough to describe the defeat of Professor Ramsey in one shot. The fact that the contract for prostitution for the comfort women could not be confirmed, and that there was no statement from a third party would be the same as the death penalty as a scholar, but Professor Ramsey has not yet responded. After that, five Japanese history researchers reviewed Professor Ramsey’s thesis. We published the verification report under the title of. Professor Ramsey’s thesis is only eight pages, which is more than four times the volume. In a word, this report can be said to be a’stop moving’ report.

The authors of this report included five authors: Stanley Northwestern University Professor, Shepard Cambridge University Researcher, Chatani University Singapore Professor, Ambras North Carolina State University Professor, and Chelsea Cedar Aoyama Gakuin University Professor. The active countries are the United States, Asia, and Europe. They are global historians, all in common, as professional athletes in the academic world specializing in Japanese history. Professor Chatani wrote on Twitter, “Our team has made this verification report literally day and night for the past two weeks,” and “I am proud to be part of this.”

This report points out errors in Professor Ramsey’s thesis in four major categories. ▲The problem of not being able to admit that there is no evidence ▲The problem of the use of direct evidence ▲The problem of the use of indirect evidence ▲The problem of using inappropriate and inaccurate citations as a big topic, I listed specific cases below and dismantled Professor Ramsay’s thesis. . Since I searched all the sources of the thesis and checked the facts, I thought that even if the Allied Forces of this kind invested a full two weeks, it was not an exaggeration at all. There are many other contents, but I will summarize the part of Ok-ju Moon, who is particularly problematic.

● “Moon Ok-ju, who lived the most outstandingly”… The source is a ghost blog of insults of comfort women.

Professor Ramzier described the comfort women victim Ok-ju Moon in his thesis as a person who signed a prostitution contract with the operator of a comfort station, earning a lot of money, saving a lot, eating well, and living well. The source of this section is expressed as (KIH, 2016b). However, when the thesis verification team followed this, it was confirmed that this was not an official publication, but was just an English translation floating on domestic internet blogs.

Review of Professor Ramsey's thesis ethics committee

When I followed the actual link, this blog was just a domestic ghost site, a collection of articles from a far-right disparaging person to the victims of comfort women. It has the title of Korea Institute of History, but there is no administrator picture on the introduction page, and all there is an e-mail hanging. I sent a question to this email if there is a real admin, but there are no answers yet. After posting 39 posts in 2016, it was a so-called’homologous blog’ that was abandoned without activity. Posts had a lot of external links, and many were linked to Internet bulletin boards such as DC Inside as well as the far-right daily best site known as’Ilbe’. The contents were all denying the reality of the victims of comfort women. After the news went out, there was an opinion from the viewers saying, “The bad group assignments do not come from blogs,” but it was actually what happened when Professor Harvard wrote his thesis in this way.

By the way, Professor Ramzier even edited this ghost blog post for evil. The ghost blog also said, “I had more freedom in Yangon than before. Of course I am not completely free. I was only allowed to go out once or twice a month with the permission of a Korean comfort station manager.” The ghost blog also expressed that he was deprived of his physical freedom. Professor Ramsey skipped this sentence and put it in the thesis starting with the sentence that follows. “I enjoyed going shopping by rickshaw. I can’t forget the experience of shopping in Yangon market,” it starts. It was a so-called’devil’s edit’ to get rid of the state of physical oppression and make money so that it looks like a professional prostitute who goes around Yangon, Myanmar, and spends money. Prof. Ramzier expressed his grandmother Ok-ju Moon, saying in his thesis, “Moon Ok-ju seemed to have lived the best among Korean comfort women with a record.” It’s also annoying to see this expression, which feels even a little bit of a grotesque feeling that he is a person who leads a rich life. It is also shocking that the scholar wrote this expression in the thesis while editing the devil targeting the victims of comfort women. If a broadcast reporter interviews a war victim and cuts the context back and forth in this way and broadcasts it, I think it would be difficult to maintain a journalist job anymore.

Global scholars went through the books of Morikawa, who actually interviewed Ok-ju Moon, and described the whole context. The report describes the terrible events that Grandma Moon suffered from being captured at a comfort station in Manchuria in 1940. A 16-year-old girl recalled that she cried all day when she was caught in Daegu and became a comfort woman for the first time in Manchuria, and when she learned that she had to deal with 20,30 Japanese soldiers a day. With the help of the Japanese military police, she managed to escape, but in 1942, Ok-ja Moon went to Myanmar after being confused to go to a military cafeteria overseas. On departure, the Korean girls who had gathered at the port had to drop off one after another in Taiwan, Saigon, Singapore, and Yangon. Grandmother Moon said that she did not even know she was going to Myanmar and went there. (In an interview the other day, Alexis Duden, a professor of history at the University of Connecticut, pointed out that it is impossible for these young girls to move abroad without approval from the Japanese government.) Some Korean-speaking soldiers came and said, “You were tricked and you came here as a comfort woman.” He is said to have learned the truth after listening to the words.

The comfort station managers encouraged them to work hard as they would get tickets when they deal with soldiers, and they could exchange those tickets for money when they go to Korea. But this was just a twist rather than a price for labor. Scholars are casually pointing out that there was no evidence that Mr. Moon received money for signing a prostitution contract, and that there was no evidence of such a ticket in Manchuria. The report explains that Moon’s actual memoirs point to a series of processes that point to force and deception.

Not only the ghost blog, but even Professor Ramsay wrote in the paper that Moon’s grandmother saved a lot of money with tips. (I saved a considerable amount of money from tips). It means that the money was not collected from the money given by the comfort station, but that the soldiers gave it individually. It seems that Grandma Moon, who has a lively and active personality, was trying to save money to escape Hell’s Cave. However, the money deposited at the Shimonoseki Post Office was refused due to the San Francisco Treaty saying that she could not return it because she was no longer Japanese.

Review of Professor Ramsey's thesis ethics committee_Kim Soo-hyung

Eventually, Moon died in 1996, without touching the money in her hand. In an interview with Mr. Morikawa to tell the history of the tragic war, Professor Ramzier completely distorted the victim’s history in order to fit his formula as a comfort woman as a prostitute. Cases are still listed in the report, and personally, I don’t think Ramsey’s thesis is lacking at all to describe it as an academic fraud.) Even in the facts reports of scholars, there is resentment about it. I contacted several authors, all of whom declined to video interviews. Prof. Amy Stanley of Northwestern University sent a brief written response as a representative. For them, the problem of comfort women victims was not a problem between Korea and Japan. I think that the’historical distortion riots’ that took place in the field of science were suppressed by the method of scholars.

● Draft thesis and operate the Ethics Committee… “Strict fact check review”

Review of Professor Ramsey's thesis ethics committee

Apart from the distorted dissertation on the comfort women victims, the serious problem of Professor Ramsey’s Harvard debate material has already been reported several times. In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say that the debate material is a’disgusting paper’ from the water level alone. Among them, the Great Kanto Earthquake distorted the massacre of Koreans. In the case of the debate titled, the Cambridge Press, which had decided to publish it as an official journal, took steps to take precedence on the pre-publication site (SSRN).

Professor Alon Harrell of the Law School of Hebrew University, Israel, was the editor-in-chief, and I sent an e-mail explaining why he did this, and even though it was well past midnight local time, he sent me an answer. When I sent the e-mail, I strongly said that the issue was accepted by the Koreans, similar to the distortion of the Holocaust that Israel suffered, and Professor Harrell felt a lot of surprise. I didn’t think I would give you an answer at that late time, but I sent an answer in writing, saying that I would not do the interview. He replied, “A rigorous review is underway to confirm the facts of the paper before publication,” he said. “We confirm that the paper is never published like a draft.” At the same time, I also sent an email to the editor at Cambridge Press to ask for an answer, and Matt Gallaway, senior editor, responded, saying, “We are running an ethics committee and are reviewing it.”

● Korea, the country that suffered from comfort women How should we deal with this problem

On the one hand, I also thought that it was good that this issue happened in the United States. It is a great achievement that a person who can observe from a certain distance and meet the box office requirements of a Harvard University professor brought the logic of the Japanese far-right as it was and tried to write it in a dissertation. The painful history of the victims of comfort women is not a target of battle, but a fact that has already been confirmed historically, and it was confirmed by world scholars as their work. Even if the domestic extreme right people distort the evidence to suit their tastes and make a Ramzi assertion that “there was no forced mobilization of Japanese imperialism, the comfort women are prostitutes”, it also set a good precedent for how to respond to them.

I think that our academic community should be quick to refute this historical distortion attempt with the most sophisticated data and examples. When a bizarre person named Professor Ramsey came out, I wondered if he was sponsored by Japan, and that was why he was excited and angry because he didn’t need to read the content. In fact, it is a common situation for American universities to sponsor and donate companies so that Harvard University itself was named after a pastor who donated a large sum. In particular, the reality is that there are many schools in the U.S. that cannot maintain professor positions without corporate sponsorship in humanities where money is not available. Nevertheless, it is true that academic freedom is a top priority in the United States, and scholars freely conduct research regardless of the will of such sponsoring companies. As you can see from this incident, it has also been confirmed that such an academic rebellion can be fully responded by’packing’ with academics.

But it is also impossible for us, as parties, to completely exclude emotions. Personally, when I ask myself why I am so clinging to Professor Ramsey’s case, which has no one-sided knowledge, I wonder if it may be because of my anger as a Korean who suffered a great wound in one corner of my heart while looking at his thesis. Nevertheless, I don’t think that political use or emotional response to these events will help at all. Some of the far-rights in Korea are just relentlessly joining Japan for their political interests, and I think what they want is to turn the comfort women case into an emotional mess rather than revealing the facts.

I’m really curious what Professor Ramsey is thinking about this situation. When I sent an e-mail in the early days of the crisis, I used to send an e-mail saying “I don’t interview” almost on the same day, but these days I sent 7 e-mails for five days and only received an e-mail saying “I don’t interview” yesterday. If I get a chance to ask a question, I really want to ask, “Did you know what the blog was quoted by the professor?”


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