▷ POL-WOB: dog rests on the footpath – cyclist falls and is easily injured

17.09.2021 – 11:09

Wolfsburg police

Wolfsburg (ots)

Wolfsburg, New Series

16.0.2021, 4.49 p.m.

A traffic accident between a cyclist and a dog occurred on Thursday afternoon in the street Neue Reihe. According to witnesses, at around 4:49 p.m. a 69-year-old cyclist from Wolfsburg rode her bike on the cycle path on Neue Reihe. In the underpass there, a large, dark dog was lying unleashed in the middle of the path. The 69-year-old recognized the animal too late and collided with the Doberman-Shepherd mixed breed.

She fell off the bike and suffered several injuries.

She was given medical care by an ambulance crew and taken to the hospital for further examination.

At first glance, the dog did not appear to have sustained any injuries, but should be presented to a veterinarian by its owner on the same day.

Further investigations will reveal where the owner of the dog was at the time of the accident and why the animal was not on a leash on the bike path.

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Wolfsburg police
Thomas Figge
Phone: +49 (0)5361 4646 204
Email: [email protected]

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