■ Ran Ito Concert Tour 2021 ~ Beside you & fun fun ♡ Candies! ~[大阪]| Ticket Cedyna

■ Ran Ito Concert Tour 2021 ~ Beside you & fun fun ♡ Candies! ~[大阪]| Ticket Cedyna

Concert (West Japan)



Ran Ito Concert Tour 2021
~Beside you & fun fun ♡ Candies!~

Date and time

9/20 (Monday / holiday) 17:00


Festival hall


Ran Ito
Band: Jun Sato (Music Director / Keyboards) / Kouichi Korenaga (Guitar) / Chiharu Mikuzuki (Bass) / Toru Soru (Drums) / Masakuni Takeno (Sax) / Sachiko Watanabe (Chorus) / Chino Takayanagi (Chorus)

Seat type / price

All seats reserved 9,900 yen

Performance details

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With songs from the latest second album “Beside you”
Present with a set list full of Candies songs
It will be held with the contents of fan coveted!

please note

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* Preschoolers are not allowed to enter.
* Tickets will be shipped about one week before the performance.
* There is a possibility that the seating arrangement will take into account social distance. Please note.
* Applications can only be made online.

[Request for cooperation from visitors]
This performance will be held in accordance with the infection prevention guidelines as a response to the new coronavirus infection.
When the performance is near, please check the details on the official website before coming to the venue.
* The name and emergency contact information registered when purchasing tickets for this performance may be provided to public institutions such as public health centers as necessary, such as when an infected person occurs from a visitor. Please note.

About application

* Tickets for this performance are prohibited from being transferred for a fee without the consent of the organizer.
* Only those who agree with the contents so far can apply.

* Resale of tickets for commercial purposes is prohibited. We may refuse admission with tickets purchased at internet auctions. Also, please note that we are not responsible for any troubles. If a violation is discovered, we may take strict punishment such as withdrawal.

Performance code: 502799

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  • Theatre / musical
  • Kabuki, rakugo, traditional performing arts
  • concert
  • Dance, ballet, classical opera
  • Kids / Events / Others

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