​ Use the Internet to send drugs, wild animals, etc., and the Supreme Procurator issues prosecutorial recommendations to the State Post Bureau

​ Use the Internet to send drugs, wild animals, etc., and the Supreme Procurator issues prosecutorial recommendations to the State Post Bureau

The reporter learned from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate that in recent years, the use of “Internet + delivery” to carry out drug trafficking and other illegal and criminal activities has occurred frequently. Suggestions”, and send a copy to 12 relevant departments, including the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Commerce, to promote the strengthening of departmental coordination, strengthen safety supervision, plug governance loopholes, and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the delivery industry.

With the rapid development of the postal industry, it is becoming more difficult to prevent and control delivery security. The use of delivery channels to carry out illegal and criminal activities such as trafficking in drugs, trading (transporting) guns, ammunition and explosives, and wild animals and their products are frequent and frequent.

According to reports, because the delivery channels have the characteristics of multiple points, long lines, wide coverage, separation of people and goods, and strong concealment, “Internet + delivery” is easy to be used by criminals to engage in various illegal and criminal activities. According to statistics, in 2020, prosecutors at all levels across the country prosecuted 1,830 cases of drug delivery and 3097 people; prosecuted 226 cases of wild animals and their products, 490 people, showing a rapid growth trend; prosecuted cases of delivery of firearms, ammunition and explosives have also increased. .

Chen Guoqing, a member of the Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s party group and deputy chief prosecutor, stated that the Supreme People’s Procuratorate issued the “No. 7 Prosecutorial Recommendations” this time, mainly aimed at the mismatch between the delivery safety supervision capability and the industry development situation, the existence of regulatory blind spots in new delivery formats, and the urgent need to strengthen delivery safety supervision. , The delivery safety system is not implemented in place, the safety awareness and response ability of the delivery staff are insufficient, and the proposal is to “establish the concept of safe development, coordinate the development and safety of the postal industry”, “clarify the scope of responsibility, and strengthen the supervision of the new format of delivery”. Intensify supervision, and earnestly strengthen the safety supervision of delivery, “Improve the supervision mechanism, and consolidate the main responsibility of the delivery enterprise”, “Strengthen training and publicity, and improve the safety prevention and response capabilities of employees”.

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The Supreme People’s Procuratorate also released 6 typical cases of the crime of sending and delivering contraband to the public today, namely: Guo Mouming and others trafficking in drugs, Tang Moulai, drug trafficking, Duan Moxi illegal possession of drugs, a courier company, The case of Su Mousheng transporting drugs, the case of Yang Moufan and others illegally buying and selling firearms, and the case of Chen Moushuai and others illegally purchasing and selling precious and endangered wild animal products. Among them, there were 4 crimes involving the delivery of drugs, 1 case of sending firearms, ammunition and explosives, and 1 crime of sending precious and endangered wild animal products.

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